14 Late Payments Deleted

14 Late payments deleted = 100 point score increase

Do you have errors on your credit report? 

Do you have recent late payments?

This is hurting your credit score.  At LSI, we know that life happens and sometimes it affects your credit score.  Recently, we had 14 late payments deleted from a client’s credit report.  This resulted in a 100 point increase in their score.  


Since 2006, we have helped our clients improve their credit score through our proven strategies.  Don’t wait any longer.  Today, is the day you get your life back and the credit score you deserve.  


Did you know that 100 point score increase can result in thousands of dollars in saving on financing and insurance?  This is your money and you deserve to keep it.  Call us today for a Free Consultation to find out how we can help you!

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