How it works

A simple process to better credit.

Credit Repair How it works

A simple process to better credit

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A simple process
to repair your Credit.

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With LSI, we show creditors who you really are and work with you to help you increase your score. Our goal is not only to increase your score but help you live a debt free lifestyle. We are the industry leader in representing our clients by assisting them with credit disputes and deal with unpaid collections.

Step 1: Free Consultation

We will meet with you and answer any credit related question you have. Credit is complicated and we are here to be a resource. Do you see something on your credit report that does not look right? Do you want to know if a higher credit score is possible? Give us a call.

Step 2: Detailed Strategic Plan

Upon a thorough review of your 3 Bureau Report. We will develop a customized plan based on your financial goals and your timeline. We will show you that with our help you can achieve a higher credit score.

Step 3: Investigate Credit Bureaus

Phase 1 we investigate any erroneous or suspicious activity in your Credit Report. Studies show that 1 in 5 people have an error in their credit report. These errors have a negative impact on your credit score. If there is an error we can work to remove it to increase your score. As for verified collections, LSI has a Settlements Team that will negotiate and settle any verified collection. Our Settlements team can save you up to 50% on a collection account. Our goal is to save you money and help you achieve a debt free life.

Step 4: Evaluate Results

The bureaus and creditors have 30 business days to reply to our requests. After the 30 day period, we will evaluate the responses and give you an updated review of your Credit Report to show you the improvements to your credit score. Improving your credit is a tag team effort. We will fight and investigate on your behalf. You will follow our instructions on credit building so that together you will reach our goal laid out in the Strategic Plan.


Your questions, answered

LSI has helped thousands improve their credit score to get approved for a mortgage. We have also helped our clients to get approved for a better finance rate to help them save money.

Our initial consultation is free of charge.

A credit report is a track record of both your personal and helpful financial credit information. It includes information taken from public records, personal identification, and debt information.

There are 3 major credit bureaus: Equifax, Transunion, and Experian.

Yes. Each one of the three major credit bureaus will reflect at least one-third of your total credit history. The results from the 3 bureaus can be different. LSI will repair your credit at all 3 bureaus. 

Each case is different. Most clients experience results in 45-90 days. However, some cases can take longer but LSI is committed to working for you and to help you reach your financial goals.

Disputing your credit report is your right according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Credit Repair is a legal and necessary service.

Yes, we are licensed and bonded.

Disputing your credit report is your right according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Credit Repair is a legal and necessary service.

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