How To Achieve & Maintain A Good Credit Score

How to Achieve & maintain a good credit score


How to achieve and maintain a Good Credit Score


Today more than ever it is important to have good credit in Texas and every other state in the United States. Did you know that your credit score is being checked all the time? Credit Inquiries are happening to qualify you for employment, private student loans, cell phones, rentals, cars, and insurance premiums to name a few. Most people think their credit is checked when they are trying to qualify for a home loan or a car loan. They may not realize that a cell phone provider will check your credit before you are approved for a phone plan. Have you ever compared your insurance premiums with your friends? If your score is lower, then you will pay more. Good scores matter. You have to take control of your 3 Bureau Credit Scores and manage your finances to maintain good credit scores.

Credit is complicated. How do you improve your credit? How do you maintain a good credit score? There are many areas impacting your credit score and it is important to how each of them affects your score.

1. Late payments

A simple late payment by only a day can affect your credit score by as much as 100 points on the scoring range. Life gets busy and missing a payment can happen. Here is are some tips to avoid late payments and build a positive payment history.

Be aware of your bill payment cycle

Our Advice:

Set up auto payments. Never miss another payment by auto-paying your bills on time. Set up alerts through a good credit monitoring system. Our credit protection plan will alert you of any upcoming bills so that you can ensure you pay them on time. Never miss another payment with our credit protection system.

2. Manage your credit balances

Credit cards are not free money. You are actually borrowing money on items you want now and hope to pay for in the future.  So make sure you stay on top of managing your credit card balances. It is a good rule of thumb to only use 25% of your total credit balance available on your credit accounts. This will show the bureaus that you can manage your credit responsibly and will build a positive credit history.

Manage your Credit Cards - stay on-top of payments

Did you know? The major credit bureaus Equifax, Experian and Transunion track your credit card balances and payments to calculate your credit score.

3. Use your credit

Use credit to make purchases. However, don’t spend it if you don’t have it in the bank to back it up. By using 2 or 3 credit cards on a rotating base will show the bureaus again that you can manage credit responsibly and pay your credit card bills on time to increase your credit score.

Use multple cards responsibly to build credit

4. Inquiries

An inquiry is anytime a company pulls your credit score to assess your risk. This can happen when you are applying for a cell phone, buying a car, getting approved for a home loan or even yourself might inquire because you are curious about your credit. On average these inquiries can reduce your score by 5-10 points

Too many inquiries can hurt your credit score

This does not sound like much but if you are trying to apply for a loan and you are right on the edge of being approved for a lower finance rate, a 5 point hit could result in you paying $100s more a month.

5. Collections

LSI can handle ALL your collection calls

Collections not only affect your credit score but they can prevent you from being approved for a home loan. The collection agencies will call you constantly trying to collect on the debt. Also, when your debt goes into collections the outstanding amount can be higher than before.

There is hope for you. Thanks to the Fair Debt Collections Reporting Act, the collection agencies must abide by laws when collecting. According to the FDCPA, you are eligible up to $1000 for every violation a collection agency commits against you. At LSI, we help people daily with FDCPA violations and with the help of trusted attorneys, our clients are receiving payments for the violations.

If you have a collection that is, in fact, your collection, it is not going anywhere.  No matter what people say, you cannot legitimately remove a verified item of your credit report. So the next plan of action is to settle that collection. In order, to get the best settlement you need to work with an experienced negotiator. LSI is your best option to settle any verified collections. We have settled over $1,000,000 since 2006. Don’t overpay. Get an experienced negotiator to fight for you.

6. Judgments & Wage Garnishments

LSI represents you.

If you ignored your collection, the collector has the ability to issue a judgment to collect on the debt. The payment could come right out of your bank account or garnish your wages. These situations are very tough to navigate. However, this is not the end for you. There is a way out. With the help of an experienced representative, we can negotiate an affordable payment on your behalf. This will put you on track to pay off the judgment on your own terms.

If you received a judgment and don’t know what to do. Don’t give up. Get representation to fight. If you would like to know more about this and where to get help call us at LSI.

7. Identity Theft

LSI offers Identity Theft Recovery Support

Protect your credit when or if your identity is stolen. In this digital age, it is not a question of if my ID is stolen but when my ID is stolen. Here are some shocking facts:

  • 158 million Social Security Numbers and 179 million records were exposed in 2017 in 1579 data breaches
  • 14.2 million credit cards were exposed in 2017


ID Theft Recovery is very time consuming and challenging to navigate. The first thing you need to do is contact all 3 bureaus and freeze your credit. This will protect you and your credit from the thieves while they pretend to be you.

If it is too late and your credit is already negatively impacted because your ID was stolen. Then it is important to file an affidavit. There are professionals that can help recover your ID. In fact, we offer that service.

LSI knows how important it is to protect your credit when your ID is stolen. That is why we introduced the Lifetime Credit Protection Plan which includes a $1 million ID Theft Insurance Policy for your whole household.

8. Review your 3 Bureau Credit Report

LSI recommends a detailed review of your 3 bureau report once a year. This report can be generated through our Lifetime Credit Protection Plan at no additional cost to you and no hard inquiry. As you recall, an inquiry can hurt your score. 

Get a detailed 3 Bureau Report and Score evaluation done by a professional. They can tell you all the positive items that are helping your score and more importantly what are all the negative items that are hurting your score. At LSI, we conduct Free Evaluations of the 3 Bureau Report to educate you on what is impacting your credit. 

Once you have all the knowledge, you can decide if you want the help of our services to increase your score.

9. Good Credit = More Savings

On a $300,000 mortgage, a person with an over 700 credit score will save $93,063 when compared to a person who just qualifies with a 620. LSI can help get your score over 700.

On a $25,000 car loan, a person with an over 700 credit score will save $8925 over the term of the loan.

Save over 50% on their insurance premiums with a 700+ credit score

Did you know? A FICO Score under 650 can disqualify you from private student loans. (

All the savings you can expect will add up to $1000s per year. This is your money that is available to you with good credit. We know that 44% of the US consumers are confused about their credit report and their credit score. They need a professional who understands credit and has a proven record in helping people restore their credit. Since 2006, LSI Credit Solutions have helped thousands improve their scores. Our clients have bought homes, cars and saved money in the process. 

You can achieve your dreams. Maintain good credit. Bad credit is in the past.

LSI Credit Solutions currently offers free credit report evaluations to all federal workers affected by the recent government shutdown.

Because Good People deserve Good Credit!

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