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The world of credit is complicated and hard to find answers. Our focus is to help you improve your credit to keep more of your money. At LSI, we are educating our clients about the complicated world of credit because they are being taken advantage of by a system put into place to profit from your lack of knowledge in finance.  Did you know?

  • 30% of the population have a bad credit score 
  • 20% of the population have an error on their credit report  

So what can you do?  We have a solution to help you take control of your finances. LSI Credit Solutions serves Kent residents with a holistic approach working on your Credit Score, Auto Loan Score, Insurance Score and Hiring Risk Index.  We need to focus on all of these different scores because you and I both know that the difference between a good credit score and a bad credit score is costing you $1000s.  

Serge and his legal team are exceptional. LSI was recommended to my wife and I as we were recovering from the financial challenges of 2009 - 2012. Serge makes smart recommendations and his strategies for repair and rebuilt are effective. I was a bit uncertain on "investing" into this service but I am more than satisfied and pleased with the lifetime service and the results. I absolutely recommend this service to those who need to rebuild credit.
Mike S
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Home of the Lifetime Credit Protection Plan

You Can Achieve A Debt Free Life and be Happier. At LSI We Understand That Life Happens –
Therefore we offer the Unique Lifetime Credit Protection Plan. You Can Count On LSI Credit Solutions To Be With You Long Term, And Help You Improve And Maintain A Good Credit Score.
This Is Why We Are Kent & Washington’s No.1 Choice For Credit Solutions. 


Lifetime Credit Protection Plan Bellingham credit Repair Savings

Home Loan

30 year fixed home loan
of $500,000

Achieve a credit score of
700 and Save $150,000

20 point improvements ranges from

$20,000 - $60,000
in Savings

Lifetime Credit Protection Plan Bellingham credit Repair Savings2

Car Loan

5 year fixed car loan of $20,000

Bad Credit Interest paid is $10,000, monthly payment is $507

Good Interest Paid is $1500, monthly payment is $358

Savings is $8500

Lifetime Credit Protection Plan Bellingham credit Repair Savings3

Car Insurance

People with good credit save 55% on their premium.

Bad Credit Pay $2400
Good Credit Pay $1100

What are you waiting for? Take control of your finances today!

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