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Our focus is to offer College Station credit repair services and to improve your credit and therefore help you to keep more of your money. At LSI, we offer our Texan clients excellent credit repair services and we pride ourselves in educating our clients about the complicated world of credit. Most people don’t understand that they are being taken advantage of by a system put into place to profit from your lack of knowledge in finance.


Did you know?

  • 30% of the population have a bad credit score
  • 20% of the population have an error on their credit report



We are a team of credit experts wanting to help College Station residents and we have a solution to help you take control of your finances. The world of credit is complicated and there is no such thing as an “Do It Yourself”- easy solution to repair your credit problems.


We know how hard it is to find answers to all of your questions – that’s why we offer all new clients in Texas a completely FREE Consultation to answer these question and familiarize ourselves with your unique financial situation to ensure the correct solution.


LSI Credit Solutions is different than the other credit repair companies since we serve College Station residents with a holistic approach working on your Credit Score, Auto Loan Score, Insurance Score and Hiring Risk Index whilst providing you with excellent customer service.



Future Employers can request your credit score – don’t let a bad credit score hold you back from employment.


“A Bad Credit Score Can Cost You $1000’s…”


Our focus is on all of these different credit scores because you and I both know that the difference between a good credit score and a bad credit score is costing you $1000s. Don’t let the fear of change hold you back from a brighter financial future, you have nothing to lose but your bad credit. So contact us today or use our helpful live chat on the right side of the screen to setup a phone appointment with us for a time that’s most convenient to you!


We invite all College Station residents interested in credit repair to read our real-client testimonies that were shared voluntarily to encourage people to take the next step in securing a better financial future. We’d also like to invite you to visit our YouTube Channel which features real-client testimonies that show the impact LSI made in our clients’ lives and that LSI can make in your life.


Because at LSI Credit Solutions we believe that “Good People Deserve Good Credit”. In many cases you can see your first positive results in 30 days.




With LSI, you can expect a judgement free environment, because we’ve seen it all and we know that life can get complicated and difficult. You can come to us with your credit card debt, collections, judgements, chargeoffs and identity theft which might have affected your credit score. In fact, we are proud to offer Identity Theft Recovery as one of our services to Brownsville residents.


Many companies offer you identity theft insurance, but once affected by the theft of your personal identity they don’t offer much help in order to retrieve it or reverse the damage it caused. That’s how LSI Credit Solutions is different. We focus on repairing the damage done to your credit score after you’ve become a victim of this (nowadays very common) problem.


If you’ve been affected by this crime, contact us to safe your reputation and your credit score.

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Home of the lifetime credit Protection Plan

At LSI We Understand That Life Happens –


Therefore We Offer The Unique Lifetime Credit Protection Plan. You Can Count On LSI Credit Solutions To Be With You Long Term, And Help You Improve And Maintain A Good Credit Score. You Can Achieve A Debt Free Life And Be Happier.

This Is Why We Are College Station, Texas’s No.1 Choice For Credit Solutions.


Lifetime Credit Protection Plan Bellingham credit Repair Savings

Home Loan

30 year fixed home loan
of $500,000

Achieve a credit score of
700 and Save $150,000

20 point improvements ranges from

$20,000 - $60,000
in Savings

Lifetime Credit Protection Plan Bellingham credit Repair Savings2

Car Loan

5 year fixed car loan of $20,000

Bad Credit Interest paid is $10,000, monthly payment is $507

Good Interest Paid is $1500, monthly payment is $358

Savings is $8500

Lifetime Credit Protection Plan Bellingham credit Repair Savings3

Car Insurance

People with good credit save 55% on their premium.

Bad Credit Pay $2400
Good Credit Pay $1100

What Are You Waiting For?
Take Control Of Your Finances Today!

"LSI's team is wonderful! They’ve done things other companies haven’t been able to accomplish with my credit. Check them out, you won’t be disappointed."

Rio D.

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