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Do not let a low credit score keep your client from being approved for their mortgage.  LSI has helped thousands increase their credit score in Washington  to get approved for a mortgage or approved for a better finance rate to help them save money on their lending needs.


As a lending professional, you have direct access to your own dedicated LSI Account Executive.  Their role is to be a resource to you and give insight on your client’s credit report.  Your own local Account Executive (located in Washington) is dedicated to helping your clients get mortgage ready so you can feel confident in referring them to LSI.


Our lending team is made up of real people who achieve real results. We are focused on working with your clients to speed up the mortgage approval process, and improve their credit in the process. Some of our clients see results in as little as 45 days!

Read What Other Washington-based Lending Professionals Are Saying About LSI Credit Solutions.

I’ve sent several people to his team off and on for years. He does honest dedicated work and has great customer service with clients and getting it done so my clients can become homeowners!!

— Lisa, Realtor

I’ve sent people to Serge for years. He does honest work and is great at helping clients with credit. Especially those with large unpaid debts. He’s the Only one I know who helps with negotiations and payoffs along with disputing incorrect reported items.

— Keane, Loan Officer

As a Mortgage Officer I have personally worked with the LSI team for more than 5 years and had several dozen of my clients go through their repair and debt settlement programs. I have nothing but positive responses from my clients. Not only have their services helped several of my clients get out of some really bad situation it also has help some of them get into new homes.
A few people mentioned LSI offers a Lifetime Warranty. A few of my clients have needed their services at a later date and LSI has come back years later and assisted in their situation without charging another dime.
I am very thankful for LSI and admire how they help others get back on their feet.
If you are looking for a company that is extremely knowledgeable in the field and can get you real results, look no further. You are getting the highest quality services and amazing results on top of that.
Thank you LSI team for always being there to help my clients!

— Dmitry, Loan Officer


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