Limited Power

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I,­ the Client, hereby constitute and appoint LSI Credit Inc., including any of its debt settlement negotiation staff (collectively “LSI”), as my true and lawful attorney in fact (“Agent”) authorizing full power to represent me and to do and perform every action necessary or advisable to be done that I may legally do limited to negotiating the validity, reduction, and payment as may be required of accounts owed to my creditors.


I grant my Agent the specific powers to: 1. Request and receive confidential credit and account information from creditors, credit-reporting agencies, and other third parties who are involved with my credit issues; 2. Receive and execute all items, information, and documents, confidential or otherwise connected with the arbitration of my debt including any documents necessary in the event to retain local counsel; 3. Proactively intervene, intercede, close accounts and negotiate the settlement of any and all of my creditor claims and all disputes; 4. Make good faith settlements on my behalf with or without my signature of approval.


Additionally, this Limited Power of Attorney shall serve as formal notice under 15 U.S.C 1692c(c) to cease all further communication with me except for reasons specifically set forth in the federal law, and to instead contact my Agent, LSI Credit Inc.


Further, as a creditor or third party agent of a creditor under the general laws of the Fair Debt Collections Practice Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Acts you are required to work with my designated Agent.


I authorize LSI to release this Power of Attorney to all or any of my/our creditors.


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